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This Project was conceived by Melanie Harwood, Education Specialist, and Denise Meissner, Occupational Therapist and Autism Specialist, both of Harwood Education. A partnership was formed with the UN CC:Learn (UNITAR) Team to deliver our vision and our mission to ensure that there is a Climate Change Teacher, accredited by the One UN Climate Change Learn Partnership in Every School throughout the world.  Please note!  This is Phase 1 of the eduCCate Project. Phase 2 launches 5th June in the first 80 Schools with a Climate Change Teacher and will deliver more than 500 Lessons, all based on the current school curriculum but with Climate Change Literacy at their core and delivered on the unique Yahki Platform.  Children will teach children throughout the world about Climte Change, Sustainability, the SDGs and the Green Economy in the context of their communities.  We can only do this with the help of Teachers, Parents, Children, Communities and Headteachers.  

The eduCCate Programme on Yahki.

Harwood Education are pleased to announce the eduCCate Programme will be delivered on the Yahki Platform.  More than 500 Lessons (to begin with) all based on the school curriculum, delivered by children to children, with Climate Change Literacy at their heart, with pupils creating their own lessons pertinent to their personal experiences of Climate Change/Sustainability/The Green Economy and Mitigation in their own communities and context.

International Legal Regime.

The Climate Change International Legal Regime course presents the causes and effects of climate change, describes the mechanisms established by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) and explains the key provisions and commitments under the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement. 

Children and Climate Change.

Every child of today will spend their entire life living side by side, tackling the challenges of climate change. They will also enter the work force which will need them to be climate change literate and able to strive through innovation. This course presents how climate change impact affects children differently versus adults.  Also, how children can act as a positive force to implement climate change mitigation and adaptation measures. 

Cities and Climate Change.

With more and more of the world's population living in or near cities, this course reveals how we can use innovative solutions to transform cities' carbon emissions to reach NetZero.  Find out how we can ensure cities and human settlements mitigate climate change, are inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

Human Health and Climate Change.

Discover how climate change affects our health and why intervention is so critical.


Find out more about how we must promote healthy lives and well-being for all.

Gender and Environment .

Climate change affects women and men differently. Find out how and why gender equality is so important.  Find out how we can all work together to achieve gender equality and the empowerment of all women and girls

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By Completing These 5 UN CC:Learn Courses...

You will become climate change literate, confident to share climate change best practices, and have a certificate to back up your statements. You will also join a global network of 200,000 scientists, policy makers, researchers and practitioners from 190+ countries that have acquired the same essentials and therefore understand the global language of climate change.

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If you want to really ease your way into our courses, we offer you our 5 Mini Climate Change Teacher Memberships. These are the same 5 courses you will find in the Climate Change Teacher Academy UK Memberships, except just one at a time.


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Climate Change Teacher Course

International Legal Regime

Children and Climate Change

Cities and Climate Change

Human Health and Climate Change

Open Online Course on Gender and Environment

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